CSW is committed to protecting the environment we all share. We have worked diligently to become more efficient in our use of energy and other important resources at our cold storage facilities. Read about some of our industry-leading efforts below.

CSW’s Sustainability Initiatives

CSW has made a significant investment in technology, equipment, and training to maximize efficient use of resources. In 2015, we installed Wisconsin’s largest rooftop solar array, generating 741 kW of peak electricity. Then in 2018 we doubled down, adding another 746 kW of rooftop solar generation, and in 2019 we added yet another 653 kW of production. CSW currently offsets over a thousand kilowatt-hours of fossil fuel use every year with solar energy — enough to power more than 100 homes. Solar is a perfect fit for cold storage facilities: production peaks when it’s hot and sunny and we need it most!

Additionally, CSW has upgraded refrigeration equipment and implemented computerized refrigeration systems that have further reduced power consumption dramatically. We’ve moved out of older buildings and into new cold storage facilities with modern and efficiently insulated freezers that use far less energy to keep the same amount of product cold.

We have switched to cool roof technology and motion activated LED lighting, which reduces heat load in the freezers. In our cold storage facilities, we refrigerate primarily with ammonia, which has the advantage of being both a natural atmospheric gas and a very efficient refrigerant. We’ve replaced paper forms in most of our warehouse applications, cutting paper use by more than 50%.

If improving the sustainability of your supply chain is important to you and your customers, CSW is your ideal, eco-friendly, cold storage facilities partner!