Quality Assurance

CSW maintains and enforces a comprehensive quality assurance and food safety program that exceeds industry and regulatory requirements. Each cold storage warehouse is equipped with the best in modern technology, sustainability, and quality assurance.

Food Safety & Defense

CSW’s programs include, but are not limited to; GMP, HACCP, Allergen, Sanitation, Product Tracking and Recall Preparedness Programs. Together, these programs address all aspects of food safety while your product is in our care.  As evidence of their effectiveness, each cold storage warehouse consistently scores at the highest levels on third-party and customer audits for food safety.

All Central Storage & Warehouse facilities are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in accordance with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

CSW customers have direct access to our dedicated Director of QA & Safety to discuss specifications and quality standards, or to report issues related to quality or safety.