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What are your storage and logistics pain points? Need more room? A different temperature? Rail access? Case picking? CSW has multiple sites, a wide variety of material handling equipment, experienced staff, and a can-do attitude! Check out the Services link to the right to see what we can offer, then give us a call to discuss how we can better help you.

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Our Most Recent News:

CSW Installs the Largest Rooftop Solar Array in Wisconsin

In a major move towards improved sustainability, CSW installed Wisconsin’s largest rooftop solar installation in history at the Madison facility, generating 741kW of peak electricity. Thanks to these solar panels, CSW can now proudly say it makes cold air from sunlight!
Utilizing solar power has proven to be a perfect fit for CSW. Business is at its peak during the summer, when cold storage is needed most during those hot and sunny days. Sustainability is important to us, and using solar energy will be able to offset nearly 1 million kWh of fossil fuel use each year.

To learn more about our solar power project, click here.

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